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Nothing is more special than being in the moment. Any moment. To me, the moment is more accessible through my camera. Capturing a moment and wanting to share it with someone takes a moment to the next level. There is so much power: "in sharing a moment." That's why I publish; to share a moment. Thank you for giving me a moment to share a moment of mine.


Like bookends to our planet, the Arctic and Antarctic are my story's beginning and end. After returning from 14 months in Antarctica working as a meteorologist, I started a TV production company to pay for university, and 27 years later, I sold my remaining share in Urban Brew Studios. At the time, as an independent production company, we were considered the most prolific on the African continent. I now have the opportunity to enjoy a second life, and my story revolves around my efforts to capture the fragility of the wild polar regions. 

Danie Ferreira, writer, photographer & videographer.

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"This photographer captures the beauty and drama of East Greenland at winter's end.

Melissa Wiley, Smithsonian Magazine. USA

"Behold the Iceman.

Michael Verdon, Robb Report. USA

"Greenland dogs captured in beautiful photos as their world vanishes.

Aristos Georgiou, Newsweek. UK

Out in the Cold is a love letter to these quintessentially wild, barren and beautiful landscapes, with written memories adding crucial context and emotional reverence to the images. 

Escapism Magazine. UK

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